Wednesday, December 1, 2010


On November 11, I got 50 comments on my welcome post!

I thought we should do something special since it was my first post ever. My mom said that we could have cookies. Right when I got home from my karate class, my mom started making the cookies. I was watching TV since I had a sore back from sparring my sensei. Sparring is fighting lightly with pads on. After a little while, the cookies were ready! My mom over cooked them. It did not make a difference to how it tasted.

My sister and I had chocolate chip cookies and my mom had a cranberry cookie and a chocolate chip cookie. I got two cookies, my sister got two cookies and my mom got two cookies. The cookies were very good!

Blog owners, have you ever gotten 50 or more comments on one post?

Did you celebrate?

Does anyone like my welcome post more than any of my other posts? Why?