Saturday, February 11, 2012

Who has everybody going Linsane?

 This is Linsanity! Jeremy Lin of the New York Knicks has come out of nowhere and become a star. He has people saying Linsane, Lincredible and Linsanity. Last year, I saw him play when I went to see the Lakers vs. Warriors game. Since then, he's been on the Rockets and Knicks. Now, the Rockets general manager regrets cutting him. He's played in the D-League this year!

Out of nowhere, he's been playing amazing. For the last four games, he's been the star of his team averaging 28 points and 8 assists in those games. They've even played the Lakers! Tonight, they will play the Timberwolves. I'd like to see him do amazing against Ricky Rubio. It'll be crazy if he could go past Kevin Love, but maybe he will!

How good do you think Jeremy Lin is?


Mark L. said...

Dear Jaden,

I have heard of Jeremy Lin and think he's good. I like your pictures.


Bostebek said...

Hi Jaden Hunter Udall form Milton WI USA I just wanted to comment on your whole blog. !st of all, nice text color scheme,How did you know that those were my favorite colors!!! 2nd I am not that big of a spors fan, but I like your pics.
Thirldy I like your Voki I coundn't stop hitting the play button!!!! :). I Alwasy have fish on my blogs. One thing you should add is the game widget Stunt Dirt Bike!!! Maybe we could be e-mail pals, you know like pen pals but on the computer, here is my e-mail
Sincerely Hunter J. Udall

Jay T. Shiver said...

My name is Jay Shiver. I'm reading your blog for EDM31 a class I'm taking in college. You really seem to like Jeremy Lin. Do you just like Lin, or are you an avid basketball fan. Was that the only game lin was in that you went to see? I think it would be interesting to go and seem him play myself. said...

Thank You Jaden
On this awesome and wonderful blog about Linsane.
I did not knowq who he was until I readed you blog.
Now that I know that he is a NBA basketball player, I will surely look for on the basketball games.

Brennen Bynum said...

He is a little over rated he was good against the suckey team but when he went against the good like the heat he was not all that