Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Ten things I've learned from blogging

These are ten of the many things I've learned from blogging since I started:

As the school year starts, I thought I would share the ten most important things I have learned about blogging since I started 2 years ago:
    1. Use correct grammar so people understand you. Don't shorten words like you do when you text. For example, write “why” instead of “y”.
    2. Blogging teaches you how to type. It helps me remember to keep my fingers on the home keys. Now, I can type very fast without looking.
    3. When people are nice enough to comment on your blog, comment back so they will return to your blog. This creates an ongoing conversation and give both people a chance to learn more on the topic of the post.
    4. Write appropriate blog posts so kids are allowed on your blog. Don't post an inappropriate youtube video or parents won't let their kids return to your blog. 
    5. Don't write anything mean so you don't hurt feelings. If you write a blog review, only say things you like about it. Don't write, "This is the worst blog ever!".  If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything.
    6. Don't say your last name, or where you live, or what school you go to for internet safety. If you do that someone may be able to locate you.
    7. If you see someone do something wrong tell them so they can fix it to help their blog. Sometimes there are spelling mistakes.  Let them know so they can correct the post.  If your friend writes an inappropriate post, tell them to take it down, so kids are allowed on their blog.
    8. Don't post pictures of yourself. This is for safety reasons. You want to try to limit the amount of personal information about yourself. By not posting a picture of your face, people are not able to try to look for you. They do not need any information other than what you choose to share on your blog. It also makes the blog a little more interesting in that it creates some mystery.
    9. When you create posts and comments, ask questions to keep the conversation going. If you don't, it could stop the conversation. Asking and answering questions makes the blog more popular and informative.
    10. Add gadgets to make your blog the best it can be. If you add gadgets it makes your blog more interesting.

What have you learned from blogging?

Friday, August 17, 2012

My 10 favorite WWE superstars: #10

I've been watching WWE for about 4 months. I'm going to write a post about every one of my ten favorites. This post will be about #10.

My 10th favorite WWE superstar is Triple H. He's 43 years old and he is trained by Killer Kowalski. He is married to Stephanie McMahon. That is Vince McMahon's daughter. Vince McMahon is the owner of WWE. He was in WCW for 1 year. Then he was in WWF for 2 or 3 years. Him and Shawn Michaels headlined DX which was short for D-Generation X. DX was the best wrestling group ever. He now still wrestles and is the COO of WWE.

Do you watch WWE?

Do you like Triple H?