Thursday, November 29, 2012

My Favorite WWE Superstars: #7

My #7 favorite WWE Superstar is Titus O'Neil. He used to play football. He went to Florida for college, and played there. Titus then played for 4 teams in the Arena Football League. He was in the 2nd and 5th seasons of NXT, being mentored by Zack Ryder and Hornswoggle. He also feuded with his future tag team partner named Dareen Young. He would then move to Smackdown with Dareen Young, their tag team named, The Prime Time Players.

Do you watch WWE?
Have you ever heard of Titus O'Neil?

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Book Review: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

About a week ago, I finished Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Here is a book review on it!

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire:

In Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Harry Potter is invited to go to the Quidditch World Cup by Ron Weasley. Harry goes and sees the World Cup. Next thing he knows, Voldemort's sign is in the air. He then goes to Hogwarts. To his surprise, he is entered in a deadly tournament against his will. He ends up fighting a dragon, saving a life, and fighting a villain thanks to that tournament. To find out more, read Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J.K. Rowling.

This book is 734 pages.

Have you read this book?

If so, did you like the book?

Book Review: The Third Wheel

Yesterday, I read the new Diary of a Wimpy Kid book, The Third Wheel. The Third Wheel is the 7th book in the series. Here is a review on the book:

In The Third Wheel, Greg Heffley's school is having a school dance. All the boys are changing the way that they act. They have these special invitations to get people to go to the dance with you. The invitations cost 25 cents each. Some people get 30, while others get 0. Greg is one of the people who gets 0. He tries many ways to get a date to the dance. Find out if he gets a date to the dance by reading The Third Wheel by Jeff Kinney.

Have you read The Third Wheel?
If so, did you like it?

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Edublog Awards Nominations

It's time for me to announce who I will be nominating for the 2012 Edublog Awards! Last year, I won best student blog!

For best student blog, I nominate GBM Corner by Mark. He deserves to win very much. Mark started his blog late last year, so that he did not have enough time to show how great of a blogger he is by the time of the awards. He has been writing great reviews on games, books, and movies ever since he started his blog. That is why I nominate GBM Corner for best student blog!

For best class blog, I nominate Mrs. Yollis' Classroom Blog. I was in Mrs. Yollis' class in 3rd grade. She made it so that I really liked getting up every morning and going to school. That was because of her blog. If it wasn't for her amazing blogging and teaching skills, I wouldn't be sitting here, doing this post right now! She is the best blogger ever in my opinion. Also, she teaches her students all that she can about blogging. That is why I nominate Mrs. Yollis' Classroom Blog for best class blog!

Who did you nominate?

Thanksgiving Story

I did this story at school:
Blake the Sports Turkey

"He makes it! He makes it! The Duke Turkeys have won the NCAA Basketball Championship thanks to Blake!", the announcer roared. Hi, I'm Blake. As you can see, I just won my college championship in basketball. The announcer yelled, " The thankful turkey, Blake, just proved that he is as good at basketball as Michael Jordan! In my opinion, he's the most remarkable and creative turkey to ever play basketball."

Today, I am going to have a tryout match for the Texas Turkeys. After the match, we will have a Thanksgiving feast. "And here's the tipoff! Blake wins the tipoff.", the announcer yelled. I just saw a robber leave with 35 basketball. I'm going to go run after him. Luckily, coach won't see because he's not at the game.

I've got him! I'll be so wealthy and very admired once people know that I caught him. Time to unmask him! "Coach Popovich!", I yelled. Apparently, I was on the big screen. The crowd cheered at the top of their lungs! We had our Thanksgiving feast. At the end, some humans came and ate me. I hope turkeys will always remember me as a grateful and outstanding turkey. First, I won a college basketball title. Next, I won a tipoff in a professional basketball game. Finally, I caught a robber. I had a magnificent life and I am very thankful for it!

Halloween Story

My friend Justin and I did this Halloween story about a monster in school:
Nightmare in Downtown LA

One night, we were camping outside Staples Center. Today, there is a full moon. Maybe, a werewolf will come. We were getting in our sleeping bags, when we heard a loud sound. We went to the owner of the LA Sports Museum, and took a key from his office for Staples Center. We traveled in our spaceship back to Staples Center. My buddy, Justin, took the key and opened the huge doors. No one likes trick-or-treating anymore.

The problem was, there were no lights on. I, Jaden, fell into the arena. I then rolled down the stairs, with Justin running down them a few steps behind me. I then fell onto the court, and Justin ran beside me. Right when he asked me if I was okay, the lights went on. We found ourselves right in front of a 9’ 3” muscular monster with a Michael Jordan jersey on. He’s a zombie, according to him.

He had a pumpkin head, glasses, antlers, spooky arms made out of tree branches, dark green pants, a Michael Jordan Bulls jersey, and MJ 3572 basketball high-tops. He smells like pine trees. The only way to kill him was to beat him in basketball, and then dunk over him.

“Hello, my name is Patrick “BOO” Witchster. My ancestors were witches. Father is a mummy. Mother is a ghost. I would eat you, but I love basketball more, and I need someone to play with. Also, everything that I eat tastes like chocolate. I HATE CHOCOLATE! I’m as mean as a monkey when he doesn’t have bananas. You will see, I’m as mad as a mad-man. You must now play basketball with me. If I win, I will kill you. If you win, you are free.”, he roared.

We were losing 135-133. I made a full-court shot at the buzzer to win the game. The court rumbled like a crowd at a Clippers vs. Lakers game. I rode on Justin’s shoulders, and I dunked over the monster! The rim bounced up and down since I dunked it so hard.He fell to the floor with a thump, and yelled, “I will get revenge someday!” We celebrated and then, a boulder took his place, and when the Lakers and Kings came to practice, we threw the boulder at them, and yelled, “This is our town!” Then, the owner of Staples Center came and said,”You know how much this stadium cost? It cost me an arm and a leg! Then he started walking forward and..........

Monday, November 12, 2012

My 10 Favorite WWE Superstars: #8

My #8 favorite WWE superstar is Ryback. Ryback's real name is Ryan Reeves. In early 2010, he was known as Skip Scheffield. He has headlined Summerslam 2010 and Hell in a Cell 2012. He was born in Las Vegas, Nevada, on November 10, 1981. He started watching wrestling at the age of 5, and once rang the bell at a live WWF event. He's wanted to be a wrestler since he was 12. He lifted weights to train himself.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Presidential Election

Today is November 6, and that means it is the Presidential Election! We might elect a new president today, but if we do, they will not take office until January 20, 2013. If we elect a new president, that means that Mitt Romney wins. If we don't get a new president, that means that Barack Obama will still be president. There are other elections today too. They include the Congress and the House of Representatives. Did you know that all spots in the House of Representatives are up for grabs?

Who do you want to win the election?