Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thanksgiving Story

I did this story at school:
Blake the Sports Turkey

"He makes it! He makes it! The Duke Turkeys have won the NCAA Basketball Championship thanks to Blake!", the announcer roared. Hi, I'm Blake. As you can see, I just won my college championship in basketball. The announcer yelled, " The thankful turkey, Blake, just proved that he is as good at basketball as Michael Jordan! In my opinion, he's the most remarkable and creative turkey to ever play basketball."

Today, I am going to have a tryout match for the Texas Turkeys. After the match, we will have a Thanksgiving feast. "And here's the tipoff! Blake wins the tipoff.", the announcer yelled. I just saw a robber leave with 35 basketball. I'm going to go run after him. Luckily, coach won't see because he's not at the game.

I've got him! I'll be so wealthy and very admired once people know that I caught him. Time to unmask him! "Coach Popovich!", I yelled. Apparently, I was on the big screen. The crowd cheered at the top of their lungs! We had our Thanksgiving feast. At the end, some humans came and ate me. I hope turkeys will always remember me as a grateful and outstanding turkey. First, I won a college basketball title. Next, I won a tipoff in a professional basketball game. Finally, I caught a robber. I had a magnificent life and I am very thankful for it!

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