Saturday, January 28, 2012

98th Rose Bowl: My 2nd Rose Bowl

On January 2nd, I went to the 98th Rose Bowl. It was my 2nd year in a row going. This year, the Wisconsin Badgers were playing the Oregon Ducks. At first, I wasn't going to go because I got my mom's ticket last year. My mom's friend who played for Wisconsin in college ended up coming. Because he came, I got to go. I went with my mom, dad, my parent's friend (John), my mom's friend (Mike), and his son (Zachary).
Before the game, we were tailgating. While everyone else was drinking I was playing football with John, my dad, and Zachary. When all of them stopped playing, a man came up to us. He said his sons wanted to know if they could play with me. He said he played football. We played for a little while. Everyone was looking at his throws and saw him limping so much that we figured that he was a quarterback. Then Mike went over. It turned out he was Tony Graziani!

At the end of the first quarter the score was 14-14. The score at halftime was 28-28. After the third quarter, the score was 38-35 and the Badgers were leading the Ducks. And, in the highest scoring Rose Bowl ever, the score was 45-38 and Oregon won! Three ways Wisconsin could've won were not fumbling in the same play as a huge gain, Russel Wilson spiking in with no time left, or the refs made the right call and said that there was 1 second left when he spiked it.

Here are some stats:


Wilson: 19/25 passing, 296 passing yards, 2 touchdowns, 1 interception, 6 rushing attempts, 18 rushing yards, and 1 rushing touchdown

Ball: 32 rushing attempts, 164 rushing yards, and 1 touchdown

Toon: 104 receiving yards and 1 touchdown

Abbrederis: 119 receiving yards and 1 touchdown

Henry: 1 interception returned for 18 yards


Thomas: 17/23, 268 passing yards, 3 touchdowns, 1 rushing yard, and 1 interception

James: 25 carries, 159 yards, and 1 touchdown

Thomas: 2 carries, 155 yards, and 2 touchdowns

Tuinei: 158 receiving yards, 2 touchdowns

Alonso: 1 interception

Here is a picture of me, Zachary, Mike, my dad, Tony Graziani, and his sons:

Who did you want to win?

Have you ever been to a Rose Bowl? Which one?

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Clippers vs. Timberwolves

I went to the Clippers vs. Timberwolves game last Friday. I went with my dad. We got to sit in the Premier section at mid-court! Every sports game I've ever gone to I've tried to get on the big screen. I got on it for the first time ever! I got on it 3 times. There is a reason I wrote that 3 that you will find out. The second time I lifted up my shirt so people could see my stomach! Chris Paul didn't play again.
Here were our pre-game selections:

For the whole time I did the first selection and he did the second.

Final score







Love 35

Blake- 28


Love- 22

Love- 16

Rubio- 12

Player of game

Best dunk



Best pass



Most 3's



The final score was 101-98. Rubio tied the game at 98 with 20 seconds left in the game. Billups missed a layup with about 2 seconds left. The Timberwolves called a time-out. They passed the ball to Love and he made a buzzer-beeter 3! For the first time in almost two years the Timberwolves got on a 3 game winning streak! Player of the game goes to Love for his buzzer-beeter 3!

Here's a picture of a hat I got:

Did you see the game?

Who do you think was player of the game?

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Clippers vs. Nets

Today, I went to the Clippers vs. Nets game with my friend Riley and my dad. It was my second year in a row going to the Clippers game on Martin Luther King Day. Chris Paul was questionable to play. We hoped that CP3 would play because of the rivalry between him and Deron Williams. Here were our pre-game selections:

Player of the Game:

Jaden: Blake Griffin

Riley: Blake Griffin

Final Score:

Jaden: 121-96

Riley: 113-98


Jaden: Clippers

Riley: Clippers

Who will win the rivalry of Deron Williams and CP3?

Jaden: CP3

Riley: CP3

Best Shoes:

Jaden: CP3

Riley: Blake Griffin

Chris Paul ended up not playing. They brought in a D-league player named Courtney Fortson. He was about 5'5", but he was listed at 5'11". Courtney could dunk! At the end of the first quarter the Clippers were winning, 32-17. They were also winning after the second quarter, 53-40. The Clippers were winning after the 3rd, 74-63. And the Clippers ended up winning 101-91.

Chauncey Billups was 3 out of 5 from beyond the 3-point line.

Here are the stat leaders:


Brooks: 19

Griffin: 23


Brooks: 8

Griffin: 14


Farmar: 7

Foye: 10


Farmar: 2

Butler: 3


Williams: 1



Griffin: 23 points, 14 rebounds

Foye: 13 points, 10 assists

The player of the game goes to... Blake Griffin!
Here are some pictures of things I got:

Did you see the game?

Who do you think deserved player of the game?

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

It was a Tie! Let's go to Another Round!

In the championship of the 2nd Poll Competition it was a tie. The tie was between Disney Wonder and Welcome. I decided that there will be a poll between them. Hopefully, a post will win this time.

Get your own Poll!

Who did you vote for?

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Round 2: Ultimate Blogging Challenge

In the last round, the team with Mark and Jake was eliminated! Also, Miriam will be Clarissa's new partner. There will be a challenge that will get you a life this week. You don't need to do the challenge, but if you do you get a life.

Here are the challenges:

Jaden and Ethan: Write a post about your favorite sports team or teams

Clarissa and Miriam: Do a review about eachother's blog

The extra credit is to sign up for Mark's Awesome Blogging Tournament. Here is a link: Mark's Awesome Blogging Tournament

Did you sign up?

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Milwaukee Bucks vs. Los Angeles Clippers

Yesterday, I went to the Los Angeles Clippers vs Milwaukee Bucks game! I ended up going by telling my dad that they were playing 2 days ago and he said, "Why don't we go there instead of going to their house?". We went with my friend Riley and his dad. Riley recently created Celtics Nation and Thunder Universe!

They picked us up. We were going to ride the train, but it was to late. We ended up passing the stadium, finding a parking spot ten minutes after the game was supposed to start, finding a shortcut, crossing the street, running through Staples Center, having to go to a different aisle, and making the game 2 seconds before tip-off.

After the first quarter, the score was 15-18 and the Clippers were winning. There were a bunch of amazing dunks by Blake Griffin throughout the game, including an alley-oop from Chris Paul. Lob city! When the first half ended, the score was 40-38 and the Bucks were winning! When the 3rd quarter ended, the score was 65-72 and the Clippers were winning. The Clippers ended up winning 92-86!

Here are some halftime stats:

Chauncey Billups: 6 points

Blake Griffin: 10 points, 8 rebounds

Chris Paul: 4 points

Caron Butler: 6 points, 4 rebounds

In the third quarter Caron Butler got 14 points! That brought him to 20!

Blake Griffin got to a double-double with 6:14 left in the game. That brought him to 20 points, 10 rebounds.

Here are the stats leaders:


Brandon Jennings: 21

Blake Griffin: 22


Drew Gooden: 13

Blake Griffin: 14


Brandon Jennings: 7

Chris Paul: 7


Brandon Jennings: 2

Chris Paul: 4


Jon Leuer: 2

DeAndre Jordan: 3

Chauncey Billups didn't do as good as normal from beyond the three point line, finishing 2 out of 6. (Same stats from beyond the three point line as Caron Butler)

Here is a picture of a sign I got:

Did you watch the game?

Who do you think was player of the game? I think it was Blake Griffin.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Poll Competition 2: Championship

All right, it is time for the 2nd Poll Competition to end! The 3rd poll competition will start in February or March at the earliest. Here is the poll:

Which post did you vote for?

Did you think there was another post that deserved to be in the championship?

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Round 1: Ultimate Blogging Challenge

It is time for the Ultimate Blogging Challenge to start! First thing is first, let's find out the official teams:

Team 1: Jaden and Ethan

Team 2: Mark and Jake

Team 3: Clarrisa and Dylan

This will not usually happen, but this week each team will have two challenges. The first one is the same one for every team. Figure out a team name by writing comments to each other on this post! Then, write a comment to me telling me your blog's name!

This is the list of challenges that your team will have:

Team 1: write a comment on the other person's last post and every single one they publish until January 10th

Team 2: write a post about a sport

Team 3: write a comment on every blog in the challenge by January 10th

If someone on team 3 writes a good comment on your blog (correct capitalization and punctuation), but you don't publish it for some reason, leave a comment on my blog telling me, so I make sure they get credit.

I hope you don't get eliminated in the first round!