Sunday, January 8, 2012

Milwaukee Bucks vs. Los Angeles Clippers

Yesterday, I went to the Los Angeles Clippers vs Milwaukee Bucks game! I ended up going by telling my dad that they were playing 2 days ago and he said, "Why don't we go there instead of going to their house?". We went with my friend Riley and his dad. Riley recently created Celtics Nation and Thunder Universe!

They picked us up. We were going to ride the train, but it was to late. We ended up passing the stadium, finding a parking spot ten minutes after the game was supposed to start, finding a shortcut, crossing the street, running through Staples Center, having to go to a different aisle, and making the game 2 seconds before tip-off.

After the first quarter, the score was 15-18 and the Clippers were winning. There were a bunch of amazing dunks by Blake Griffin throughout the game, including an alley-oop from Chris Paul. Lob city! When the first half ended, the score was 40-38 and the Bucks were winning! When the 3rd quarter ended, the score was 65-72 and the Clippers were winning. The Clippers ended up winning 92-86!

Here are some halftime stats:

Chauncey Billups: 6 points

Blake Griffin: 10 points, 8 rebounds

Chris Paul: 4 points

Caron Butler: 6 points, 4 rebounds

In the third quarter Caron Butler got 14 points! That brought him to 20!

Blake Griffin got to a double-double with 6:14 left in the game. That brought him to 20 points, 10 rebounds.

Here are the stats leaders:


Brandon Jennings: 21

Blake Griffin: 22


Drew Gooden: 13

Blake Griffin: 14


Brandon Jennings: 7

Chris Paul: 7


Brandon Jennings: 2

Chris Paul: 4


Jon Leuer: 2

DeAndre Jordan: 3

Chauncey Billups didn't do as good as normal from beyond the three point line, finishing 2 out of 6. (Same stats from beyond the three point line as Caron Butler)

Here is a picture of a sign I got:

Did you watch the game?

Who do you think was player of the game? I think it was Blake Griffin.


Ms Bee said...

What a great write up about a game, Jaden! Thanks for sharing. I have some boys who really love basketball in my class but we don't start back until the end of the month so I have book marked your blog for them to check out when they return.I don't know a lot about the game myself. I wonder if you can explain those stats a bit more. Are these statistics based on points or possession?

Ethan said...

Hi Jaden,

I like basketball too. I haven't ever rode in a train. I didn't get to watch the game. You did a very good post.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jaden

Thanks for the informative write up on the game. I always like to follow how the bucks are going because the Australian Andrew Bogut plays for them. I'm from Australia as well. I don't think he played this game because he was dealing with family issues and had to fly back to Australia.

I didn't see the game but I assume Blake Griffen was the player of the game. He is very good, I love his athleticism, he just jumps forever.

Do you think the Clippers can make the playoffs?

Who is your favourite player, Chris Paul or Blake Griffen?

Happy blogging

All the best

Mr Heywood
Canberra, Australia

Jaden said...

@ Ms. Bee,

Thanks for the comment. I'm very excited that you liked my post. I hope that your students liked my post. They are based on points mostly. Have you ever been to a basketball game?

@ Ethan,

I like basketball because it gives me something to do besides video games. I don't think I've rode in a train either. Usually, I watch 5-20 minutes of each game. What is your favorite team?

@ Mr. Heywood,

Andrew Bogut did play. I don't only think the Clips can make the playoffs. I think they can win the NBA Finals! My favorite player is Blake Griffin. It might've been CP3, but I started being a Clippers fan last year when he wasn't on the team. Here is my blog about the Clippers: