Saturday, January 14, 2012

Round 2: Ultimate Blogging Challenge

In the last round, the team with Mark and Jake was eliminated! Also, Miriam will be Clarissa's new partner. There will be a challenge that will get you a life this week. You don't need to do the challenge, but if you do you get a life.

Here are the challenges:

Jaden and Ethan: Write a post about your favorite sports team or teams

Clarissa and Miriam: Do a review about eachother's blog

The extra credit is to sign up for Mark's Awesome Blogging Tournament. Here is a link: Mark's Awesome Blogging Tournament

Did you sign up?


Clarissa said...


Will you get like half a life or full life if you do the extra credit?


Clarissa said...


Can we right a review on here or...


Jaden said...

@ Clarissa,

You get a full life for doing the extra credit. Please do the review on your blog.


Hrs1 said...

Are you going to have another blogging challenge? I vistied your blog but sign up had ended. Can you check my blog out.
Also I think that your blog is so cool. All that I am really suppose to write on my blog is about my wonder about the world. It is somthing that we are doing in school. Again your blog is really cool.