Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Clippers vs. Timberwolves

I went to the Clippers vs. Timberwolves game last Friday. I went with my dad. We got to sit in the Premier section at mid-court! Every sports game I've ever gone to I've tried to get on the big screen. I got on it for the first time ever! I got on it 3 times. There is a reason I wrote that 3 that you will find out. The second time I lifted up my shirt so people could see my stomach! Chris Paul didn't play again.
Here were our pre-game selections:

For the whole time I did the first selection and he did the second.

Final score







Love 35

Blake- 28


Love- 22

Love- 16

Rubio- 12

Player of game

Best dunk



Best pass



Most 3's



The final score was 101-98. Rubio tied the game at 98 with 20 seconds left in the game. Billups missed a layup with about 2 seconds left. The Timberwolves called a time-out. They passed the ball to Love and he made a buzzer-beeter 3! For the first time in almost two years the Timberwolves got on a 3 game winning streak! Player of the game goes to Love for his buzzer-beeter 3!

Here's a picture of a hat I got:

Did you see the game?

Who do you think was player of the game?


SJ said...

Kevin Love was the player of the game. Even this non-NBA fan heard about that one. Sorry since you like the Clips. For threeeeeeee.

Dylan & Aidan said...

Dear Jaden,

Of course the all star Kevin Love hit that game winning three. The Clippers you know are much better. Kevin Love and Blake Griffin was a great match up but Lob City is better.

Best Wishes,

Dylan & Aidan

Andrew said...

Dear Jaden,

Kevin Love is just to good at threes. The Clippers are better. It's to bad that the Clippers lost on a buzzer beater three.
Sorry that Clippers lost
Your friend,

Jaden said...

@ SJ,

If the Clips won Blake would've been player of the game. I think everyone heard about it. I was sad. It was a great three.

@ Dylan and Aidan,

It is crazy a power forward made the game winning three. The only other big guy I could think of doing that is Andre Bargnani. They are way better. Love and Griffin is probably the best match up in the NBA!

@ Andrew,

He is amazing at threes. The Clips are definitely better. It is way too bad. I'm already sorry the Clippers lost. :(