Friday, June 21, 2013

2013 NBA Champions: The Miami Heat

Yesterday, the Miami Heat played the San Antonio Spurs in a crucial game. It was game 7 of the NBA Finals. The winner got a huge trophy and the loser got nothing more than a pat on the back. Game 6 was about to end with the Spurs winning the championship when the Heat came back and Ray Allen hit a 3-pointer to win the game. In Game 7, the Heat were winning almost the whole game and ended up winning 95-88. LeBron James was the 2013 NBA Finals MVP.

This was an amazing NBA season. With the Clippers' streak of 17 straight wins and the Heat's streak of 27 straight wins, and more, there were many great teams. Also, there were lots of amazing plays by people like Kyrie Irving, LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, Tony Parker, Tim Duncan, Blake Griffin, DeAndre Jordan, Chris Paul, and more. This upcoming draft class is horrible. Nerlens Noel from Kentucky is expected to be the first pick, and his team didn't even make it to the NCAA Tournament.

Do you watch NBA?
Who is your favorite NBA team?
Did you want the Heat or the Spurs to win the championship?
Who do you think should go first in the NBA draft?

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