Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Top Six (2)

Hello! Well, it looks like we have more than one winner in the recent poll! Congratulations to New House and New School, Disney Wonder and Lakers vs. Warriors for each making it to the June 1- June 10 championship! It was a three way tie! Are you ready for the next poll? It ends on May 30th. Here it is:

Have you ever made a poll?
If so, did you have a competiton with it?
If not, would you want to make a poll? Why or why not?


Mr. CA said...

Dear Jaden,

I voted for Mr. CA plays basketball. The two reasons I voted for it were because I was in it and that you did a wonderful job narrating. Also, I think that Mr. CA plays basketball is better than Mr. CA, but I don't know why. Which one did you vote for?

Your favorite blog mascot,
Mr. CA

Jaden said...

@ Mr. CA,

Thank you for leaving me a wonderful comment. It is always a pleasure hearing from you! I also voted for Mr. CA plays basketball, and for the same reasons as you.

If you had to pick any post to be your favorite that is not Mr. CA plays basketball, what would it be? I also like Mr. CA plays basketball better the Mr. CA, but I know why. It is because it is way more exciting.