Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Hunger Games: Movie Review

Last weekend I saw the Hunger Games. It is one of the best movies I have ever seen. It is based on the book trilogy. This is about the first book. That is the book that I'm reading right now. I'm about halfway done with it.

Here is my review:

The Hunger Games is about a country called Panem. There are twelve districts. The thirteenth was destroyed. Because of the war that made the districts, they made the Hunger Games for revenge. Prim Everdeem was called to be in the Hunger Games as the girl. Each district has to have a raffle for who will be in it unless someone volunteers. No one wants to be in it. You have to be 12-18 years old to be in the raffle. Because Katniss Everdeem does not want her sister in it she volunteers. The boy who is chosen is Peeta Mellark.

They have a mentor, Haymitch. He won it a long time ago. He is one of the only two people ever who have won for District 12. Also, they have someone named Effie who doesn't do that much to help them. They also have stylists. Katniss' is named Cinna. Peeta's is named Portia. Peeta has had a crush on her for a long time. Find out what happens in the games by reading the books or seeing the movie.

Here is a list of the most important characters:

1. Katniss

2. Peeta

3. Haymitch

4. Cinna

5. Effie

6. Prim

7. Gale

8. Rue

9. Prim and Katniss' mother

10. Cato

11. Portia

I give this movie an A+ and recommend that you read the book and watch the movie.

Have you read the book and/or watched the movie?


Seunghyun said...

Yes I wrote on a review on it as well-

Anyway, I thought the movie was very close to the book and I loved it very much.

Amiel said...

Naturally, the novel would offer more depth to the story. There's just so much more that can be packed into books!