Sunday, February 13, 2011

Make a story

Welcome back to Jaden's Awesome Blog! For two weeks, you will be able to make a story on my blog. The stories that follow the rules below will be published on my blog on Tuesday, March 1. To enter, leave a comment and in it, write your story. Remember, you will not get handed a prize. The prize is that your story will be published here on March 1st!


1. Use at least 1 compound sentence.

2. Have 8 or more sentences in your story.

3. It is okay to use dialogue, but add some narration too. (Example of dialogue from Seal Surfer: "Look, Grandad!" Ben cried. "The seal is injured.")

4. Good stories usually have a beginning, a middle, and a fantastic end.

To kick things off, here is a story that I wrote:

  • First I brainstormed some characters and their personalities. Jack is a third grade boy who knows a lot of facts about sports. His friend, Jason, knows a lot of facts about presidents. Here is the story of their disagreement.

* * * * *

"Books about sports are way better than books about presidents!" exclaimed Jack.

"No, books about presidents are best," remarked Jason.

The boys had been arguing for hours. Jason said, "No to sports books". Jack said," No to president books". Then Jack's mom said it was time to go to sleep. Jack's mom didn't know anything about the fight, so she didn't know that she might just be better off bringing Jason home. In the morning they fought for a couple hours. "How about we just say sports books are not better than presidents books and presidents books are not better than sports books!" exclaimed Jason. "Ok" sighed Jack. They were friends again and both of them were happy. They realized that it is okay for people to still be friends when they don't share the same opinions!

* * * * *

Have you ever written a story?

What was it about?
Did you have to meet specific guidelines in your story?


Grandma Carol said...

Dear Jaden,

I think this is an amazing project. Unfortunately, I am no longer very creative in my thought process, but I am anxious to read the wonderful stories that will be submitted. Jaden, are you going to write a story?

Grandma Carol

Linda Yollis said...

Dear Jaden,

I really like your idea of encouraging story writing! One of the things I like about your post is that you wrote a story like you're inviting others to do! Terrific!

The way you brainstormed your characters and the problem was very helpful. Making a plan ahead of time is a good tip. Of course, you can always change the plan if you come up with a better idea...but it is always a good start.

Looking forward to seeing what comes in! :-)

Your pal,
Mrs. Y♥llis

Anonymous said...

Dear Jaden,

I think that story-writing idea is great. Giving an example of a story that you made can really help out other people.

Aaron :-D

Ryan said...

Dear Jaden,

Here is my story:

Mr. NY and The Horrible Fall!

Once upon a there was an admirable but needy little piggy bank named Mr. NY. He was envious of Mrs. CA's ability to swing on the exciting swing. She could swing high like the birds! She once swung 5 feet in the air! He could only swing about 3 feet in the air. They were adversaries. They gloated that they could swing higher than the other. At the park where the swing was, there was a sign. The sign said to be painstakingly careful on the swings. One day he broke the principle. The penniless piggy swung high. Then higher. Then he swung so high, the swing launched a long distance way out to the street. He hit the ground and he smashed and crashed and bashed into tiny pieces. He was a very careless and reckless poor piggy bank. He was a broke piggy bank! He learned a very valuable lesson: Never do foolish things to be the best.

I Hope you admire my story.


Anonymous said...

Jaden, I think that this blog about writing a story is a very good idea. I will try to come up with a story for you.

Thank you for calling me today to let me know about your latest Blog. Love. Grandpa Bob

Anonymous said...

Jaden, here is my story.

Grandpa Bob has a Grandson Jaden who he loves very much. Jaden loves sports and is very knowledgeable about many of them.

Grandpa Bob likes playing golf and his dream is to be able to play golf with Jaden more and more as Jaden gets older. The first thing Grandpa Bob did when he decided to play golf again was to buy his very own golf cart and asked Jaden to pick the color.

Because Jaden got to pick the color, I guess you could says that the golf cart belongs to both Grandpa Bob and Jaden.

Jaden has already learned how to drive the cart and he drives it very well. He is able to drive it all by himself with Grandpa Bob sitting next to him.

Jaden has already learned to putt the ball and has practiced on an eighteen hole putting course.
One day Jaden hit the ball very far and Grandpa Bob said to him "Jaden, the ball went in the water"!!

Grandpa Bob wants to get Jaden some golf clubs and lessons and is looking forward to taking Jaden out on a real golf course so he can learn to putt better.

Keep watching Jaden's Blog for future stories so you can keep track of Jaden's progress in playing golf.