Saturday, April 2, 2011

NBA Allstar Jam

On February 19, I went to the NBA Allstar Jam. The NBA is the biggest basketball league in North America! At the NBA Allstar Jam there are a bunch of games and things to look at. Some of the things to look at are basketball games, the basketball hall of fame, video games, and stuff in the shop. Their are people who sign autographs there. I got an autograph from Wesley Johnson. They gave out a bunch of cards. The cards were my favorite card brand called Panini. Panini sells basketball, football and hockey cards. My dad and I saw the NBA D-league allstar game. The NBA D-league is for basketball players who are not good enough to play in the NBA.

Here are some pictures from the NBA D-league allstar game:

That is a player from the East slam dunking!
Here is one of the tallest guys on the East slam dunking!

That is a picture from right after some guys shot.

Those are pictures from when no one was shooting or slam dunking.

Did you go to the NBA Allstar Jam?

If so, did you like it?

If not, do you want to go one day?


Iman said...

Dear Jaden,

I think that the shots of the players shooting and dunking were fabulous!

I went to the NBA Allstar Jam also. I was with my dad and my friend. The only downside is that when we told each other before we went, we figured out that you went the day right before I did. ]-: We could've seen one another.

When you said that there were great things in the shop, I actually bought something. My friend and I got matching hats. Maybe I could bring it to class to show you, or my friend could bring his because he has the exact same hat.

If you did not go to the Allstar Jam, I really hope you will be able to go the next time! It is really a good experience.


Adia ;) said...

Dear Jaden,

What a wonderful post! The all-star jam looks fun!

I think that you are super lucky that you received an autograph from Wesley Johnson. That would be very exciting!

I haven't ever been to the NBA all-star jam, but I sure would ♥ to go to one! My dad said that he and I would most likely go next year. My dad suggested that my mom could come to the all-star jam next year too, but apparently my mom isn't that into basketball.

I have a question:

Was this your first all-star jam?

Adia ♣

Anonymous said...

Dear Jaden,

I have never gone to a basketball, baseball, hockey or foot ball game. I would like to go to a basketball game one day.


Gregg said...

Dear Jaden:

I had a great time at NBA All Star Jam with you. My favorite parts were meeting Wesley Johnson and watching the D-League All Star Game. Some of the dunks in the pre-game warm-ups were pretty cool.


Jaden said...

@ Iman,

I agree that the shots and dunks of the players were amazing.

It would have been fun if I went with a friend. I only went with my dad. I’m also sad that we did not go on the same time. Maybe it would be more fun if we went with each other. I bought an all-star miniature basketball. I’ve already seen you’re hat about fifty times. Maybe next time we could go together!


Jaden said...

@ Adia,

I am very happy that you enjoyed my post! The All-star Jam is very fun.

It was very exciting to get an autograph from Wesley Johnson.

It would be very exciting for me to go again. I am probably not going next year because it will not be in Los Angeles. I do not think that many moms are big basketball fans.

This was my first NBA All-star Jam, and hopefully not my last.


Grayson said...

Dear Jaden,

I did go to the All Star Jam. And one of the activities I did was getting to dunk on a small hoop. I got to make a basketball ID Tag with a picture on it of me in a Denver Nugget's jersey, number 5 for JR Smith. Did you make one?

From Grayson

Jaden said...

@ Grayson,

I am very happy that you commented on my blog! The IDs tags I made were me in an All-star jersey, and me in a Lakers jersey. On the jerseys the number is 24 because of Kobe Bryant. I did not do the activity of dunking on a small hoop. Did you like the NBA all-star jam? If so, what did you like?


Jaden said...

@ Aaron,

I think you should try to go to a basketball, hockey, or football game soon. I've never been to a hockey game.

@ Dad,

I had a great time at the NBA All-star Jam too. My favorite parts were meeting Wesley Johnson and getting packs of cards. I agree that the dunks before the D-League All-star game were pretty cool.


Amitai***** said...

Dear Jaden,

I have never been to a NBA All-star game or jam, but I hope to go to one very soon. Also, I just counted how many people in our family have gone to a NBA All- star game or jam. It sounds like a lot of fun which makes me want to go to one more.


Heston H. said...

Dear Jaden,

Wow you are so lucky! Your blog really is awesome! Do you like football? I really like football. It's fun to watch and play. I like basketball too! But you are so lucky!

Mr. Avery's class

Ben W. said...

Dear Jaden,

I have not been to a NBA All-star game but I would like to go to one some day it looks really fun. I love to play basketball, hockey, tennis, and soccer. Soccer is my favorite though, I play on the third and fourth grade boys team. It is fun. We have a game every Saturday. Hope you reply to me soon.

Your Friend,
Ben W. from Mr. Avery's class