Friday, April 29, 2011

Mr. California plays basketball

"And the first pick in the CBBL (Chipmunk Basketball League) is... Mr. California!" Larry Chipmunk yelled. "This is such an honor! I've always dreamed of being the first pick in the CBBL. It was just an honor to go to Chipconsin for college!" Exclaimed Mr. CA. "Mr. Ca was the first pick in the CBBL draft yesterday" stated the Chippaper. "It is very exciting for me to have my blog mascot picked first in the CBBL draft! It will lead to amazing posts on my blog!" I exclaimed.

The tip off... the Chippers win the tip off. "I think the Chippers will win because of their sensational rookie Mr. CA." stated Magic Johnson. The Chippers are beating the Chippets 30-27 after the first quarter! Three seconds left in the third quarter. Three! Two! One! Mr. CA throws it up. It is good. Chippers 79, Chippets 78. Five seconds remaining in the game. Timeout Chippers! The Chippets are winning 103-100. Five! Four! Three! Two! Mr. CA shoots the three. And one! Mr. CA makes the free throw with one second left giving the Chippers the lead by one! Ms. Oregon shoots! She misses! The Chippers win 104-103! One of the greatest CBBL finals is over.

Here are the season awards:

CBBL team: Mr. CA, Mr. NY, Ms. Oregon, Mr. Arizona, Chip!


Have you ever been in a basketball league? Were you good?

Were there any chipmunks in it? Were they good?


Amitai said...

Dear Jaden,

I'm a chipmunk called Chocolate Chiper. I have scored two three pointers when the Chippers were playing the Chippets. Of course, I was on the Chippers, but I think the girls did well too because we won by one point.


Anonymous said...

Dear Jaden,

I had a wonderful time playing basketball yesterday! I'm glad that I was picked first in the CBBL.:)

I have never been to a basketball game, but I am planning too.

Do you think that I could slam dunk?


P.S. Can I play another basketball game?


Jaden said...

Dear Chocolate Chipper,

Hello! Congratulations on your two three-pointers when we were playing against the Chippets! I have some very exciting news to tell you. Coach Jaden said, "Mr. CA, please tell Chocolate Chipper that he will be starting at Power Forward!"
Well, I've got to go. Please check back on Jaden's Awesome Blog in the next few days to see the full roster of the Chippers for the next season!

Mr. CA

Jaden said...

Here is the full roster for the next season of the Chippers:

Point Guard: Mr.CA

Shooting Guard: Mr. NY

Small Forward: Bunny

Power Forward: Chocolate Chipper

Center: Mr. AZ

If you would like to try out for the Chippers and your name is not on the roster above, please come to practice tommorow night!

Coach Jaden

arrielle said...

Great to know about this! Thanks for the post. :)

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