Monday, October 10, 2011

Santa Anita

A couple weeks ago, I went to the horse races at Santa Anita. Some people say it is the most beautiful race track in the U.S.A. I get why they say that now because it had lots of mountains and trees around it. I went with my dad and my sister. It was a special day there because kids got in for free and there were over seventy food trucks.

We stayed for 6 races. I was very surprised in the last race because the favorite to win, Blind Luck, got last place. Before one of the races, I asked my dad, "Why does an ambulance Circle the track?", and he said,  " In case a horse gets hurt.". That race, a horse got hurt!

In the last race my dad took some pictures. Here is one of them:

This is a horse named Zazu:

Do you think it is a beautiful race track?

Have you ever been to Santa Anita?

Have you ever been to a race track? Which one?

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Gregg said...

Dear Jaden:

I think Santa Anita is a beautiful track. I have been to Belmont, Yonkers, Roosevelt Raceway (no longer a racetrack), Aqueduct and a couple of other tracks over the years. Santa Anita has the best view of any track.

Zazu is a good looking horse. It is too bad that Blind Luck did not race well but hopefully she will be back in the future.