Saturday, October 8, 2011

Blogs I Recommend

I got the idea of writing a post about blogs I recommend from my new blogging buddy, Ethan.

The first blog I recommend is Mrs. Yollis' Classroom Blog. 

I like how she does interesting, but educational posts. Also, I like seeing what her class is learning that I learned last year as a student in her class.

Next, I would like to recommend Ben's Next Stop. 

I like looking at where he has been going. I also like seeing the places he went to that I've been before and have never visited before.

She publishes about her family events, and things that are open to the public. I like that combination of posts!

The next blog I recommend is Ethan's Blog! 

His posts are very interesting and he makes them very fun to read. I hope you leave him a comment!

I hope you go on Hannah's Hacienda. 

She does posts about trips that her family goes on, and about right here in our hometown.   

(Tip: Each blog's name is a link. If you click on it, it will bring you to that blog!)

I hope that you look at each one of these blogs. Maybe you will leave a comment on their blog! I'm sure they would love that.

Did you check out these blogs?

Which ones?

What blog should I go on next?


Joan Young said...

Hi Jaden,
Wow! I really enjoyed reading your post. I am a friend of Mrs. Yollis, through Twitter, and I love reading the incredible work of her students, like you!
I already do read Mrs. Yollis' blog and I agree that it's a great one to read. I went to Ben's blog and thoroughly enjoyed his post on learning to surf! I live in Santa Cruz and surfing is big here :-)
I also read Miriam's blog and left a comment for her after hearing her beautiful piano piece.
I wonder if you will do this review type post again. I appreciated the wonderful discussion so much.

Keep up the amazing blogging!
Mrs. Young

Anonymous said...

Aloha Jaden,
I enjoyed reading your post and I agree with your analysis of each blog. I do read them quite regularly and Mrs. Yollis is a Twitter friend.
I believe I have been reading Miriam's blog since March. I love her posts and the way she often incorporates video.
Have you ever read Jarrod's Awesome Blog? He is a student of Mrs. Morris. Jarrod uses widgets and is always trying something new.
A hui hou,
Mrs. Jacobs

PNaugle said...

Hi Jaden,
Thank you for your great recommendations of blogs to visit. Like Mrs. Young above, I am a friend of Mrs. Yollis through Twitter and read her blog often. I really enjoyed reading about Hannah's trip to Paris and about Ben learning to surf. I left both of them comments. I discovered Miriam's blog this summer and have commented on some of her posts in the past. I didn't post on Ethan's post this time because I didn't really have anything to offer to that conversation, but I will stop by another time and comment on his blog too. I was interested in his participation in the Student Blogging Challenge that is being hosted by Edublogs.

Hopefully you will continue to blog because you are very good at it. I am going to share your blog with my 4th graders.

What is your favorite subject? What is your passion?

Ms. Paula Naugle
4th Grade Teacher
New Orleans, LA

Mrs. Hembree said...

Dear Jaden,
Awesome post about awesome blogs! Your favorites will guide many people to some fun blogs to visit!
Your teacher Mrs. Yollis is one of my blogging friends and someday I hope we get to meet in person! She produces a quality blog for students.
Have you visited BB's blog in Australia? It's another that could be on your list!
I hope you continue with your blogging!
Mrs. Hembree & the Bulldog Readers

Jaden said...

@ Mrs. Young,

Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting! Mrs. Yollis' blog is probably the best blog to read that I mentioned. That is probably because she is more experienced. I think it is cool that Ben learned to surf, but I'm never going to do it because it is to dangerous. Miriam is really, really good at piano playing! If you look at her older posts, you will see more of her playing the piano.

@ Mrs. Jacobs,

Thank you for commenting on my blog and the nice compliment. Miriam is a really good blogger, and it is fun to visit her blog! I have only read Jarrod's blog once or twice. I am definetly going to start reading it more! How long have you been reading his blog?

@ Ms. Naugle,

Thank you for reading and commenting on my blog! I really liked learning about Hannah's trip to Paris and Ben surfing. It is always fun to comment on their posts! Ethan posts a lot, so he will probably have something to comment on soon.

My favorite subject is definetly math. I'm really good at it, and I really like learning about it! I have two passions. They are karate and basketball. I've been doing karate for 5 1/2 years and basketball for 4 years. What is your favorite subject?

@ Mrs. Hembree & the Bulldog Readers,

Thank you for reading, complimenting, and commenting on my blog! Just so you know Mrs. Yollis was my teacher last year. I wish I had her this year! I have seen BB's blog. Her and her mom are great commenters! She will probably be on the next blogs I reccomend. Are there any other blogs you like that I didn't mention?


Anonymous said...

Aloha Jaden,
I have been subscribing to Jarrod's blog for a few months now. it is easier for me to keep up that way.
His latest post is about his Skyping with Royce and the fun they had. I think you would enjoy it.
A hui hou,
Mrs. Jacobs

PNaugle said...

Hi Jaden,
My favorite subject is math. Maybe that's because I'm a math teacher. I am impressed that you have been pursuing your two passions for so long. What color belt do you have it karate? Are you on a basketball team?

By the way, I had a nice long Skype call with Mrs. Yollis this afternoon about blogging with students. We even talked about you. I told her I had commented on your blog today and would be showing it to my students. She explained how you earned your own blog when she taught you as a 3rd grader. I hope you will continue to be a blogger.

I'll be looking forward to reading other blogs you recommend. Have a great week at school. Go Math!

Mrs. Naugle

Mrs. Hembree said...

Dear Jaden,
If you were in Mrs. Yollis's class last year, then you Skyped with one of my classes in May or June! It was our first experience Skyping and was lots of fun!
I don't have a lot of student blog recommendations. WE don't have any at our school. I typically only visit student blogs on Mrs. Yollis and 2KM & 2KJ.
One of my favorite teacher blogs, besides the two I mentioned, plus Mr. Avery's blog is Mr. Sharp's blog in Michigan. He writes about books and his classroom.
Keep writing!
Mrs. Hembree

Jaden said...

@ Mrs. Jacobs,

I'm probably going to start subscribing to Jarrod's blog today. I might change my mind because I subscribed to the Student Blogging Challenge and never got an email. Do you have any idea why?

I think it is cool that Jarrod and Royce were able to skype. I wonder how they found each other!

@ Mrs. Naugle,

In my school, the fourth grade teachers are regular and math teachers. Some kids switch classes, and some stay in their regular class. It is based on how good of a math student you are. I switch classes. How many kids are in your math class? Mine now has thirty-two.

I am a black belt, a blue belt, and a yellow belt in karate. The black is for Shotokan, the blue is for MMA(Mixed Martial Arts), and the yellow is for American Kenpo. I'm not on a basketball team right now because my next season starts next month.

@ Mrs. Hembree,

I remember skyping with you. It was about our tenth time skyping, but we still had a lot of fun. You were in the library, right? What grade was it?

I've heard of Mr. Avery's blog, but never of Mr. Sharp's blog. We also skyped with Mr. Avery's class last year. It was a mystery skype. I knew it was Mr. Avery's class, but didn't say anything because it would ruin the fun. I will look at Mr. Sharp's blog right now!


Ethan said...

Hi Jaden,

Thanks so much for mentioning me for your blogs that you recommend. I visited the blogs you recommended. DId you know that I started blogging because I saw all the kids on Mrs. Yollis' blog, so I asked to have my own? So that's why I started blogging.

I went to Ben's blog and realized that I've been to some of the places he's blogged about. I have family that lives in that area, so I get to visit there a lot.

I just saw Miriam's blog and think she's really great at playing piano. My friends like the piano a lot, so I want to share her post with them.

I went to Hannah's blog too. I really liked it a lot. The tough part was my sister didn't want me to go back to your blog because she wanted to look at the girl blogs.

Thanks again for your great post. I have some new blogs to add to my blogroll now.


Clarissa said...

Hi Jaden,
Wow! I really enjoyed reading your post. I already do read Mrs. Yollis' blog and I agree that it's a great one to read. I haven't read the other blogs yet. But I will visit. I hope we can communicate because I like basketball too. Can you make it to where on Mr. CA's about and your about page have comments?

Keep up the amazing blogging!