Tuesday, June 14, 2011

NBA Polls

Since summer is starting, and the Mavericks won the NBA Finals, I thought I would see who you like in three different categories. The first category is your favorite current NBA player. Next, is your favorite all-time NBA player. Last, is your favorite NBA team.

Here is the poll about your favorite current player:

Next, the favorite all-time player:

Last, but not least, favorite NBA team:

Did you watch the NBA Finals?
Who were you rooting for?


Mr. CA said...

Dear Jaden,

I really like the NBA, but I like the CBBL better. In the favorite current player catagory I voted for Blake Griffin. For favorite player all-time I voted for Michael Jordan. I voted for Clippers in the favorite team category.

I watched most of the NBA finals. Also, I was rooting for the Mavericks.

Mr. CA ☺

Jaden said...

Dear Mr. CA,

I'm not sure if I like the NBA or the CBBL better. I like the NBA because of the players and the powerful dunks, but I like the CBBL because you are in it. Also, I voted for the same things you voted for! (Blake Griffin, Michael Jordan, and Clippers)

I also watched the NBA Finals and was rooting for the Mavericks!


Lexi said...

Dear Jaden,

Our computer already voted for all the categories, so I will just tell you who I like in the three different catagories! In the favorite current player catagory I voted for Kobe Bryant! My favorite player all-time is Kobe Bryant! Also, my favorite NBA team is the Lakers!


Uriel said...

Dear Jaden,

YO Jaden! I love the NBA! MY favorite player is Kobe Bryant. I was rooting for the Mavs for the finals!Take that heat!


Gregg said...

Dear Jaden,

My favorite NBA player is Derrick Rose, my favorite all-time player is MJ #23 and my favorite team is the Lakers.

I was rooting for the Heat in the Finals although I am happy for Dirk.