Sunday, November 20, 2011

Favorites: Sports

Yesterday I wrote about my favorite books. Today I'm going to be writing about my favorite thing to do, playing sports! I am going to be writing about my top three favorite sports. We play them in the U.S.A, but you might play them in your country! Now, let's get to my favorite sports. I'm going to start at three and go to one this time!

A tennis ball!

3. My third favorite sport is called tennis. In tennis you hit the ball to the other side of the court. It needs to go over the net to be on the other side. If it bounces two or more times on their side, you get a point. In the last school year, my sister started taking tennis lessons. At first I thought it was boring, but then I tried it and really liked it. I took lessons until the end of the school year and started playing with my family in our community about once a month.

A New York Giants football!

2. My second favorite sport is called football. In most countries, football is when you kick a ball with your feet into a goal. That is called soccer for us. In football you try to pass or run the ball into the endzone. If you get it into the endzone it is a touchdown which is worth 6 points. You need to kick the ball between the two posts to get the seventh point. If you make a field goal it is worth 3 points. I played flag football last year. My parents didn't want me to play anymore because I got hit in the stomach a lot. Also, my tooth went into someone on my team's head. (But my tooth just got wigglier. It didn't fall out!)

A basketball!

1. My favorite sport is called basketball. In basketball the goal is to dribble up the court and score. If you are inside the three-point line it is worth two points. If you are behind it is worth three points. A free-throw is worth one point. The team with the most points wins. I started playing when I was five. I didn't get a single point all season! I didn't play again until I was seven. My next season I got six points. At least it is better then no points. In my third season, I got 8 points in my first game. I averaged 10 rebounds per game. In my most recent season, I did amazing. In one game I got 16 points and 17 rebounds. In my last game I got 16 points and about 11 rebounds. Those are called double-doubles. I got two in one season! That was an amazing season!

What are your three favorite sports in order? How do you play them?

Have you played any of these sports? Which ones?


PaPa Charlie said...

Jaden, my three favorite sports are baseball, basketball and football. When I was your age i was a catcher on my neighborhood team. We had many very good players on our team. I like baseball the most because there are many very subtle points one needs to master. The positioning of players; the selection of a player's position and the importance of team play.
PaPa Charlie

Jaden said...

@ Papa Charlie,

I tried playing catch with a baseball glove yesterday. I hurt my pinky to much. Isn't Max a catcher? Is he a good pitcher? I would want to play first base. The reason is because every single player goes to first base when they hit. That means I would have the most chances for an out!


Mark L. said...

Deat Jaden,

Great post. Are you going to do another favorites post, like video games or movies. My favorite sports are yours. Tennis, Football, Basketball.


Gregg said...

Dear Jaden:

First of all, this is my favorite blog post you have ever written. It is awesome!! My favorite sports are Football, Basketball and Soccer.


Aidan said...

Dear Jaden,

My favorite two sports are football and basketball. My personal favorite sport is football but just by a little bit, and basketball is my second favorite. Basketball used to be my favorite, but just about a year ago I became interested in football. Why do you like football? Why do you like basketball?


Michael, Sheri, Jaden, Dylan and Lucky DeNeef said...

Hi Jaden. My name is Mike DeNeef and I am the Athletics/Activities director at an international school in China. I found your blog because of your edublog award. My daughter is also named Jaden and she is in grade 5. I am going to show her your blog. Her favorite sports are basketball, volleyball and soccer. I coach Varsity Basketball and Volleyball at our school. Keep staying active, enjoying sports and blogging. It's all good.

Dylan♣♣♣ said...

Dear Jaden,

My three favorite are of course Baseball, Basketball, and Football. I like football because I play tackle Football with my dad! I like Basketball because I shoot on the weekend with my dad. I like Baseball because my dad coaches me every year, and I play three times a week. I love Baseball. I have tournements every weekend. This weekend we played at Mid Valley. We don't have a tournement until next month in January! I have been voting for you every day. And I will keep on doing it.

Yours Truly,