Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Poll Competition: Poll 4 Round 1

In the last poll it was a tie. The tie was between I'm a Black Belt and 1,000 visitors. That was the first tie in this poll competition! I added something new on my blog! At the top of my blog is my pages. I added a new page called Poll Competitions. You can find the winner of the last post there before I say it in a post! These posts are a little more recent. This is going to be a close poll.

Here is the poll:

Get your own Poll!

Which post did you vote for in the last poll?

Try to figure out which posts are going to be in the next poll!


PaPa Charlie said...

Jaden, you know polling has become a big part of our society. We have polls about athletes, movies and most often politics. Great job, as usual.
PaPa Charlie

Jaden said...

@ Papa Charlie,

My dad said sometimes he does polls in his fantasy leagues. They will often say things like, "Who is the best quarterback in the NFL?". I wonder if they are having polls with the NBA in the lockout. Have you ever made a poll?