Sunday, November 13, 2011

Student Blogging Challenge: Game

This week there is a game for the Student Blogging Challenge. To play you go to a student blog, go to a blog on their blogroll, then go to a blog on their blogroll and leave a comment. After you do that 3 times you write a post about what blogs you visited and what you commented on.

First, I went to Ethan's blog. Then, I went to Sam's blog. After that, I finally reached Josh's blog. I wrote a comment about his avatar. It said how I thought it was awesome and how I can really relate to it. I highly recommend visiting his blog.

Next, I went to Miriam's blog. From there I went to Hannah's blog. Finally, I reached BB's blog. I commented on her blog about books I can't put down. I told her how I couldn't put down Scary School and put a review about it.

Finally, I went to Daniel's blog. From his, I went to Teegan's blog. Last, I got to Joseph's blog. I commented about his cousin's prank. Also, I told him the closest thing to a prank I've ever done. You will have to read his blog to find out what it was!

(Click on any blog owner's name, and it will bring you to their blog!)

Do you have an avatar?

What's your favorite book?

Have you ever played a prank?

Are you participating in the game?


Jillian Suzanne said...

Hi Jaden
Great blog post. In answer to the questions you had at the bottom of your post.

In a way I have an avatar, but rather mine is a logo, I use for my children's book illustration website.

My favorite book series, ( I know you can guess that one), Harry Potter of course!

Oh I have played many pranks in my lifetime and hope to continue to do so in the future!

And I'm sorry to say I am not participating in this game, however I loved hearing about how you have!

See you soon!
Just Jillian

Mrs. Yollis said...

Dear Jaden,

I am so proud of your new post! You not only followed all the instructions, but you wrote a great post! Well done!

Isn't it great that we have so many friends all over the world?

Did you know that Miss W., who is one of the leaders of the Student Blogging Challenge, will be at our school? Yes, she will be here during the last week of November. She is touring North America! Come and learn about Australia, and her great state of Tasmania when she is on campus.

I'm very proud of you, Jaden!

Your former teacher,
Mrs. Y♥llis

Anonymous said...

Dear Jaden,

My name is Bretta Wright. I am a student in EDM 310 at the University of South Alabama. Your Blog post is amazing! I would like to answer the questions on your post.
1. I have an avatar, but it is only a picture of myself.

2. My favorite book series is the Twilight Saga.

3. I have not played many pranks, but I have played a few.

4. I am not participating in the game, but I think that is it good that you are.

Ramsey Willis said...

Dear Jaden,

My name is Ramsey Willis and I am a student in the EDM 310 class at The University of South Alabama. I really enjoyed your post about the "Student Blogging Challenge: Game" and I hope that you are doing well in the game. It looks like you really took to the game and are enjoying reading the other students' posts.

Now I will answer your questions.

I have an avatar on my kids Wii console. That is the only avatar that I am aware of. Maybe I should check the web just to make sure I don't have any more.

My favorite book is the Holy Bible. I like the King James Version, New King James Version and the Amplified Bible. I read this book almost every day.

I have played several pranks on people. I played a prank on a co-worker not too long ago at work. Unfortunately, this co-worker got a little upset but eventually got over it.

I am not participating in the game although it sounds like something fun that can be done in our class. I may have my professor look into it for next semester.

Again Jaden, your blog post was excellent. Keep up the good work!


Ramsey Willis

Anonymous said...

Jaden: I really enjoy reading your blogs. I went to Joseph's blog as you suggested so that I could read about the pranks

I bet you can't do a prank on me!!

Grandpa Bob

Jaden said...

@ Just Jillian,

Thank you for commenting and answering my questions! I really like your logo! Did you draw it yourself? I'm not surprised at all that your favorite book series is Harry Potter. I like the movies, but I got bored after two chapters in the first book.

I want to see one of your pranks, so do one on me when you're here. You do not need to do the game. Don't be sorry! People who are in the challenge don't even need to do it I think!

@ Mrs. Yollis, Thank you for all of your very nice compliments! It is extremely great that we have so many friends all over the world. I was telling my friend about the Ugandan Global Project today.

That is cool Ms. W is coming to our school! I heard she was touring North America. Our school should have an assembly about Australia when she's here! Who are you going to vote for in the Edublog Awards Best Student Blog catagory? I'm going to vote for Ethan.


Jaden said...

@ Bretta Wright,

Hi! Thank you for taking the time to comment on my blog! After I leave this comment I'm going to look at your blog. Thank you for anwsering the questions! I'm a kid, so I don't put any personal information like what I look like. Because of that, I put a picture of my black belt for my logo.

I've never read the Twilight Saga. My favorite series is Scary School. It only has one now, but more are coming out soon. I also have played a few miniature pranks.


battlefield 3 cd key said...

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Jaden said...

@ Ramsey Willis,

Hi! Thank you for taking the time to comment on my blog! I got a lot of comments from last year's EDM 310 class! I also have a Wii. What is your favorite game? Mine is Madden 2012. The game is a lot of fun! You would have a blast doing it!

@ Grandpa Bob,

Thank you for your wonderful comment! Did you think my prank was good? Once we drove by your old house, rang the doorbell and it took you a while to find us behind a tree. Are you good at pranks?